Transparency & Trust

We focus on balancing the parts of both the users and Onecricket. Onecricket employs various measures for maintaining its commitment of fair play towards its users

Equal Opportunities

We know cricket is a gentleman's game. We make sure everything is transparent to the users playing on Onecricket app. All users playing on the Onecricket platform are treated equally and are provided with the same budget of 1000000 to create their Onecricket fantasy team. All users are provided with the same set of playing rules and every user has to adhere to these rules.

Fixed Player Price

Price of each player in the contest are fixed before create contests for a particular game. These players prices do not change during the match based on their performance. They are constant. These player prices also do not change once at least one contest is created. You can rest be assured that every user submitting their Onecricket team has picked their players at the same price.

Contest Deadline

Picking the right playing-11 is very important in Cricket. Same way, it is very important while creating your Onecricket team as every player from your Onecricket team gets a bonus 2 points for being in the playing-11. We understand how important this is to you. To be fair towards our users, all our contests deadline ends at the game begin time. This gives our users a chance to enter their playing-11 or edit their playing-11 line up based on the declared playing-11 in the real game until the last second.

Tracking Other Teams

The playing-11 composition of fantasy teams in a contest is not revealed to any user until the contest begins. Once the first ball is bowled and contest scoring begins, users will have the opportunity to view the playing-11 of other teams in the contest. We track every score and points by for each ball for every team. Should you have any concerns with leader board of a contest, write to us at support [@] onecricket dot app. A user can however view & edit their own team(s) until the contest timer runs out.

Team & Player Points

Once the game begins, every contest scoring is done and points of every team in the contests and every player is calculated. Leaderboard shows the teams in the order of top rank to bottom rank. A user can view the complete points of any team from the leader board once contest begins. Every team's captain and vice captain are clearly indicated as they earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively. All the points earned by each player in the game is also shown on the leaderboard. As we employ 28 different variations of scoring, tapping on a player shows the break down of how a particular player earned the points they earned.

Winner Declaration

We know how important winning is to you and we like to be as precise and transparent as possible. Winners are declared after careful review of each contest. During this perios, the contests are "In Review" status within the mobile app. Once the game is completed, all the contests are reviewed by our scoring specialists. Our specialists reviews the game completely, verifies the performance of each player in the match such as, verifying the number of runs scored by a batsman, number of fours scored, number of dot balls played, number of wickets, etc. Our staff reviews every bit of event of the game. Once the review is completed and the game is certified by our specialists, all the contests are processed and changed to "Completed" status. This is when all the winners and winnings are final. All the winners get a push notification in the mobile to confirm their winnings.

Employees Dont Play

Once cash contests are introduced, our employees are strictly prohibhited from playing in any cash contests on Onecricket platform. They however join free contests for testing user experience purposes only.


Onecricket is a skill based mobile platform for cricket fans and is offered in accordance with US laws. As the contests are currently based on coins, users can join and participate in the contests. Once cash contests are introduced, users from certain states are prohibhited from joining cash contests. Please visit our terms page for more information.

Customer Support Experts

User experience and user relationship are another factors considered to be a core requirement. Onecricket offers 24x7 customer support from our expert and professional representatives to help you resolve your queries, issues, and concerns. Contact us at support @ onecricket dot app for any questions or concerns.